Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gunung Kawi

After Goa Gajah, this Vishnu Temple is said to be the second oldest temple in Bali built around 11th century. Much of the place still intact except the entrance part which in ruins due to earth quake. The rock cut and chiselled shrines are of rock mountain. There are so many alters but all the statues are gone, either kept in secret by villagers and some in Bali museum. Legend says that temple is built for king Udayana, his Javanese queen Guna Pria Dharma Patni, his concubine, his oldest son Airlangga who ruled East Java , and his youngest son Anak Wungsu. Anak Wungsu ruled on Bali from 1050 to 1077. The four temples on the west side of the river should then have been built for the chief concubines of Anak Wungsu.

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